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What is a one-of-a-kind shoe?

When a shoe is utterly unique, it comes from the mind of an award-winning designer and it's crafted by passionate artisans. 

Warren Edwards focuses solely on his own shoe designs.

We are known for having some of the most exclusive shoes in the world!

In many years of experience and expertise, we remain original and strive to create innovative, signature pieces that are of top quality, exquisite and luxurious.

We specialize in handmade women's and men's shoes of the highest quality in leather, bold fabric patterns and extraordinary fine embroidery.


Everything is conceptualized in our design studio

located in New York, and is crafted with intrinsic details and custom work manufactured in Milan, Italy.

Discover the sense of sophistication and luxury wearing our exclusive shoes at parties, galas or special events making all occasions memorable, even wearing them every day.

"We go beyond than just selling a pair of shoes, we forge meaningful connections with our customers."

Warren Edwards Store
Warren Edwards - Nicky
Warren Edwards - Nora


Our brand's own supermodels

"Each pair produces emotional attachment to the wearer making them lasting and memorable."

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